Exotic Pole Dance with Sasha Meow

Quand :
13 janvier 2018 @ 11 h 00 min – 15 h 00 min
Où :
Papillon Pole Dance Karlsruhe
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Duration of every workshop is 1 hour 30 minutes

Workshops will held by following theme:

1. EXOTIC FLOW (all levels) 12.00-13.30
Is for those who love the floor work and choreography without complicated tricks on the pole. Slo-mo flowing choreography.

2. EXOTIC HARD (intermediate/advanced) 14.00-15.30
Is perfect for those who love acrobatic elements and jumps on high heels. Rhythmic unusual choreography.

Different exotic choreography routines with elements, combos and transitions in every workshop class (there will be no two equal routines).

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have your suitable dancing high heels and knee guards (to protect your knees) WITH YOU for every workshop class

One Workshop – 80€
Two Workshops – 150€